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Video Series No. 1

Proudly Featuring :



Jae Martin

Cult Classic

Jordan Spector

The Seventh Art

Ricciotto Canudo was an Italian film theoretician during the late 1800’s. He established that there were six forms of art, being composed of: architecture, sculpture, painting, music, poetry and dance. With the birth of cinema, Canudo titled it the “Seventh Art” because of its unique ability to unite all the previous art forms. 

Moises, one of our founders, is an Emmy Winning Film-maker. Naturally, The Seventh Art was brought into the picture. We wanted to create a series that captured the artist's essence in each one of our videos. Much like the artists’, each video is unique; carefully crafted to match their styles and personalities. 

Tratos, a fine art & muralist couple from Miami.

Jae Martin, a self-taught pop artist who creates pieces with graffiti undertones.