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Meet Juan & Katerina

Juan Travieso and Katerina Santos united their talents and careers to form Tratos during the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic. The couple first met in high school but went down separate but similar paths as they grew into adulthood. The two were reunited years later when Juan reached out to Katerina for help with a mural. The rest is history.

The Cuban couple cites their native culture and heritage as a major influence in their work. In Spanish, Tratos is a term for a contract, deal, or bond between two people. To them, it’s more than that, it’s a promise to one another to co-create the reality that they wish to see. Katerina’s experience with color theory, iconography, and gradients perfectly mesh with Juan’s lifelong experience and professional education in fine and contemporary art. While Katerina focuses on the big picture vision of the artwork, Juan focuses on the small details that many overlook. In their eyes, perfection is never something that will be achieved, it’s what they continually strive for together.

While there’s no magic formula for working together, there’s an infinite amount of both learning and experience to gain. That’s the beauty of two artists becoming one. Their growth as people, a couple, and as artists are dependent upon the narrative of what they end up writing together, it’s an ongoing conversation with themselves, their personal growth, and their personal narrative.

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