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Our Commitment to Artists

It turns out that the average puzzle sold in a retail store only nets the artist about 3-10%. To us, that doesn’t cut it. Our artists receive 20% of everything sold. We’re honored to be working with diverse artists who encompass a variety of styles, mediums, and cultures. Without their trust and shared vision for the brand, Better Puzzles wouldn’t be possible.

Our Mission

When we started the brand, we wanted to make the best “Better Puzzles” possible. That’s still true in every sense of the way, but we’ve learned so much more. We’ve realized that modern culture doesn’t seem to see art for what it is. Artists from around the world, amongst different cultures, races, and religions, all have stories to tell. Our mission is to bring their art to you, communicate the depth of its meaning and help you appreciate its beauty.

Meet the Artists through our carefully crafted Video Series. Explore Videos