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Philadelphia, PA

Caitlyn, a.k.a. @cult.class

Meet Caitlyn

Caitlyn, a.k.a. @cult.class, is a self-taught collage artist, graphic designer, and digital marketer who’s captivated a large audience from around the world with her introspective pieces that each tell a story of their own. Originally a trained musician, Caitlyn has been creating art in one shape or another for almost her entire life. Her collage art can be found in buildings in and around Philadelphia, and her pieces have been commissioned by individuals, musicians, and business from around the world for album art, murals, and prints.

Today, Caitlyn’s work ethic, art background, and persistence has enabled her to run her own design and marketing business, CLG Design Co. This has been an incredible outlet for her to combine her passion for art with her innate marketing and skill sets. Over her established career she’s worked with many musical artists including Imagine Dragons and Goo Goo Dolls. She’s worked with brands such as Sony Music, Netflix, Warner Bros, Unilever, Universal Music Group, and many more.

Want to learn more?

Browse more work, art prints and original pieces. Visit Caitlyns' Website