Collection No. 1

Each was carefully chosen for their distinct styles and individual stories.

Juan Travieso and Katerina Santos united their talents and careers to form Tratos during the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic.


Meet Tratos

Native to Brooklyn, New York, Jae Martin is a self-taught pop artist who creates pieces with graffiti undertones inspired by the fast pace of city living.

Jae Martin

Meet Jae

As an artist, Jordan Spector’s work transcends both sports, and art. Fans of sports from around the world describe his work as energetic.

Jordan Spector

Meet Jordan

While creating charitable music business BANDADE, Caitlyn needed concert posters. Instead of hiring an artist, she started making the art herself and fell in love with the process.

Caitlyn, a.k.a. Cult.Class

Meet Caitlyn

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