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Jae Martin

Native to Brooklyn, New York, Jae Martin is a self-taught pop artist who creates pieces with graffiti undertones inspired by the fast pace of city living. He is currently residing in the outskirts of Philadelphia. He spent quite a bit of time in Barbados where he grew up alongside his grandparents and his cousins. Being able to experience the beauty of his culture at a young age, Jae immersed himself into art as a way of expressing his surroundings. Jae has used art as a vessel to release his creativity through several mediums and his pieces convey his unique vision.

Jae produces pieces that are far from the ordinary. Being influenced greatly by the graffiti art style, he incorporates it into his art to show its due respect. Jae completes most of his pieces in one day because he wants to capture what he was feeling at the moment. Using acrylics, sharpie oil markers, and spray paint on canvas and on anything he can get his hands on, Jae also uses his two cities as a major influence on his resourcefulness.

With the passing of his father, a great influence on his life, Jae has decided that failure is not an option. He uses the many anecdotes shared by his father to add depth to his artwork. He has aligned himself with close friends to help make his mark on the world. Jae wants to make sure that his two young boys have someone to look up to with pride.

Visit Jae's website here for original work and prints!