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The Darling Bower

The Darling Bower is a curation of botanical watercolor paintings and custom goods by artist Jessica Hale. Using original illustrations, she creates artisanal and handmade products such as tea towels, greeting cards, gift wrap, and fine art prints. 

Everything she makes, from compostable packaging to reusable products, is thoughtfully crafted with sustainability in mind and a heart to gently care for and celebrate the natural beauty of the earth.

This work is inspired by bower birds, tiny creatures who devote their whole life to making incredible and elaborate nests. Like these birds, Jessica believes it is valuable and important to spend time simply making our world a more beautiful place. 

Jessica works from her home studio in Bristol, Pa where she dreams, paints, and fulfills orders, and runs the business in between the nap times of her sweet baby boy.


Visit Jessicas website here for original work and prints!