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Spector Sports Art

Jordan Spector was a walk on football player at Temple University where he brought the same energy and passion to his sport as he does his art. Tragically, Jordan's football career was cut short by an injury. Rather than allowing this to slow him down, Jordan found an outlet for his passion in art. Quickly, he garnered a reputation in the sports world for recreating moments that capture energy, emotion and passion that are often overlooked. 

Spector primarily works with pastel and opaque paint medium and more recently has expanded his mixed media style to acrylic paint, digital illustration and spray paint as well. 

Today, Spector is a renowned artist commissioned by professional athletes and people in the sports industry. His work is a testament to the transcendent quality of arts and sports. 

This is movement. This is passion. 

This is art with energy. 

View more of Spector's work here.