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Jessica Hale

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Testimonials & Reviews

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I gave this puzzle to my Phillies fan husband for Christmas. We're impressed by the quality of the puzzle itself. Often, if we get a puzzle someone else has put together, we find the pieces are fraying and bent. This one can be used again and again. It is a great piece of artwork, too. We're still working on it a few pieces a day.

Janet F.Verified Customer

"I love how thick the individual pieces are! Not to mention this fantastic work of art I’ll soon have when I’m finished. I can’t wait to get other designs"

Emily P.Verified Customer

Loved this puzzle so much! Not only is the artwork from Tratos amazing as an image, but the puzzle itself is so well made. With thick, sturdy pieces, and a lovely matte finish you can actually *feel* the incredible quality. While this particular image was challenging to put together because of all the blues, it still ended up being one of the more meditative and enjoyable puzzles I've worked on because of that. I actually had a hard time walking away from it because I just kept wanting to stay in the zone! I definitely look forward to collecting more puzzles from BetterPuzzles and can't wait to see what other amazing artists they choose to work with! 10/10 and 5 Stars!

Lawren A.Verified Customer

Premium Thickness & Feel

Thick, sturdy, and with an unmistakable velvet feel.

Random Cut Pieces

Each piece is uniquely cut on a random puzzle grid.

No Glare Guarantee

Printed using a matte non reflective finish.