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The Story

When we met in middle school, we lived our lives knowing life was nothing but an opportunity. No matter what direction life took us individually, we made sure we were always doing something together. Whether it was creating an interscholastic student government, helping out at Moi’s Dad’s auto shop, spending a summer creating a documentary series on the history of our school district, or going on crazy, random adventures, we were always together. Things got even more interesting after graduating high school; Moisés dropped out of college and became an Emmy-winning filmmaker, Noah worked tirelessly gaining experience in multiple trades, and Bryce went to business school where he ended up starting his first company. In both work and play, we found ourselves in interesting situations but always found a way to have fun.

As the world plummeted into the pandemic and 2020 became what it’s now remembered by, we treated the entire situation no differently than we had in the past. After Moisés’s girlfriend, Chelsea, suggested jigsaw puzzles to pass the time, Moisés saw an opportunity to bring art to everyday people. We spent most of the lockdown together researching the puzzle industry and the world of art every night until the crack of dawn. Eventually, we realized that the only way to pull this off was to combine our skillsets - creativity & film production, manual labor & handiness, entrepreneurship & design thinking -  into what ultimately became Better Puzzles. 

Art speaks what can’t be spoken. No matter the medium, it conveys countless emotions, all universal in nature. Our movement is beyond puzzles; it’s to provide hope by bringing art to the people of the world. Throughout history art has brought people from all ends of the earth together, breaking barriers across culture, language, and race. Our genuine partnerships allow artists to flourish and connect with people interested in their work. It’s our full intention to build a fun, modern, and stylish media manufacturing company to serve as a platform for artists to share their work with the world. After all, puzzles are merely our medium.